So … anyone want to tell me what this guy is saying, and what this little device does?


  1. My French is a bit rusty and my grasp of reed making very feeble but as near as I can gather, he’s invented that little purple thing as a way to hole the cane together while you tie the string, thus making it easier.

    Also, it appears that the purple thing has can only slide so far up the reed, which then marks the perfect distance for tying on the string.

    The black mark he makes on the cane at the beginning is, I think, just for show. The purple thing eliminates any real need to measure.

    And finally, because the purple thing holds the cane together, if you have to put the reed down for some reason before it is tied, you don’t have to start over.

    Or something to that effect at least.

  2. Thanks! I was guessing it was something like that … I’d be curious to give it a go, but of course he’s in France … and I’m here.

    At first I thought I’d finally be able to see someone make a French reed. Rats!

  3. It looks like it wouldn’t work for an american style reed due to the lack of overlap, eh?

  4. I had wondered about that overlap issue. I guess they don’t have an overlap at all? One of these days I want to have a look (and play!) those reeds.

  5. That’s right, he uses it to prevent the reed from overlapping. In all short scrape/european style reeds we don’t overlap the blades.

    He writes: “the ‘cane guide’ is a device that allows you to keep the two blades perfectly yuxtaposed during the binding process to achieve a high precision work and to prevent the risk of overlapping the cane. It’s very simple to use and allows you to tie your reeds faster and assures you a perfect binding.”

  6. Thanks for th einfo, rolcantu! So while we want an overlap those reeds don’t, eh? Do they also use wire? I wonder if wire is necessary when there is no overlap?

  7. Exactly, we don’t overlap our reeds. We sometimes use wire, which helps us control the opening of the reed as well as balancing the reed, kind of like the overlap in your reeds.

  8. I really have to try one of those reeds someday! 🙂

  9. Also, the wire helps prevent air leaks and the blades from overlapping.