You know Philip Glass mostly from his amazing atonal film scores (“The Hours” and “The Fog of War”) and for the fact that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog once challenged him: “Philip Glass, atonal [and crass], you’re not immune, write a song with a [freaking] tune.”

Hmm. Is Glass really atonal? I never thought so.

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Part One:

Part Two:

Yet another wonderful slow movement where a composer “gifts” the oboist. Thank you, Mr. Barber!

I just love this work. 🙂

Rebecca did not. Not because she wasn’t smart, but because there was really no reason for a 16-year-old girl to know anything about Schunnemunk conglomerate, not unless she wore thick braids and coke-bottle glasses and played English horn and collected bugs, and these things Rebecca did not do.

Heh. Because of course we English hornists have braids, coke-bottle glasses and bugs? Eat ’em every day. 😉

Read here. Maybe he’ll enjoy the hits I’m gonna give him, eh? Or maybe he’ll just send me some bugs.