23. June 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

I knew that I didn’t have a career in the oboe, so that’s why I gave it up. I did have one success though. I was in the kitchen of my parents’ house and I was giving them a little concert. I think they were devastated by my level of playing the oboe. But then I noticed that the cows in the field next to my house started coming towards me. So I now know I can charm cows with my oboe!

-Audrey Toutou (read here)

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  1. …and here all I get is the occasional mallard… 🙂

    (Honestly, I’ve actually had a female mallard in my backyard, but it was before I started playing oboe, so I don’t think it counts, exactly…)

    Hope everything went well down in Lo-Cal – it’s much cooler up here these last couple days.