25. June 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

So … I’m a mother-in-law now. I prefer to think “I’m a mother again,” instead … MIL isn’t nearly as appealing to these ears. And Mel is my son now, as far as I’m concerned, so there you go.

But all of that belongs at the pattyo more than here, doesn’t it?

So … what does belong here?

Oh. Um. Yeah. How did the playing go?

1) I didn’t cry while playing (I knew I wouldn’t).
2) I didn’t play perfectly (I thought I could and would).
3) People still said “Beautiful playing,” (but not anyone I know that knows about music!).

Things I learned:

1) Memorize music when you’ve played it in a different key only a few months prior and are reading off the guitarists music because …
2) You don’t know if he might move just a bit and hide some notes and
3) You might forget which key you are in! (The other edition was a step lower.)

And no, I didn’t play a ton of wrong notes. But one wrong note (and I suspect it was more than one wrong note even though my poor brain can’t remember for sure) is … well … it means it wasn’t okay. Period. So there you go.

BUT … I know all eyes were on the bride, and when all eyes are on the bride all ears are not really on the oboe. So there you go. And it wasn’t about me. Even though it seems like … well … shouldn’t it have been?

No. Never mind! 🙂

We had a lovely time. Kelsey was beautiful. Mel was handsome. (Hey, they still are!) And you can see two teasers over at Katy’s site. Katy Regnier is incredible. Truly. She was easy to work with, fun, and very patient. Thank you Katy!

Our guitarist, James Vita, was also a highlight, as far as I was concerned, and others complimented his playing as well. It was just so wonderful to hear him play. So thank you too, Jim!

And then there’s this: “Patty Mitchell, you just survived MOB-hood. What are you going to do next?!”

Yes. Yes indeed. I went to Disneyland! (I’ll blog more about that at the pattyo.)