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To maximize the benefit piglets got from daily play sessions lasting 15 minutes, she and her colleagues taught them to associate play with a soundtrack by Elgar and Bach.

“I specifically chose this music because its timbre is similar to the comfortable grunts pigs make during foraging,” de Jonge said.

It’s always good to have happy pigs, don’tcha think? I wonder what Elgar and Bach would think about this.

I read it here.

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I love it when an Opera San José artist gets to head to a big opera house. And it’s happened again. How exciting for Cybele-Teresa Gouverneur! Congratulations to her. (As if she would ever see this little blog.) I just hope she sticks with OSJ for a bit longer. Success sometimes means early departure … and while I am thrilled to see these singers move on to bigger and better things, I like to hear them here in our little company for a while longer when possible. Because they are very, very good. 🙂

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Wanna donate to a worthy cause? My friend Kathy (Megan’s —Jameson’s girlfriend— mom) is doing a 3 day walk for breast cancer. Any amount you can give is helpful, of course!

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So … my planning days are over. I no longer am needed by my sweet girl. She is married. I can’t do research. I can’t bother her with thirteen emails in one day. (Yes, I really did that.) I can’t IM her at work, knowing she is about to die from my over abundance of messages, to ask some silly, unnecessary questions that is just burning to be answered.

And I have no gigs coming up.

My yard is a mess. (I’ve often referred to it as a “white trash” back yard. I’m not exaggerating.) But I hate yard work. And, besides, I think I’m allowed a bit of rest after a wedding. Ya think?

I could practice but, like I said, I have no gigs coming up.

I could start checking out paint colors for our bedroom that really needs painting. I could even buy paint and get to work.

I could make reeds. But … well … I’m not that desperate!

I could make a new valance for our kitchen, as the one we have there is so faded it’s pathetic.

I could practice but, like I said, I have no gigs coming up. And when I don’t have gigs it’s difficult for me to be motivated. (Uh-oh. I’m in trouble if my students read this!)

I could clean the house, and I suppose I could handle that even while I’m still a bit weary.

But mostly I’m lost. It’s as if I have no purpose now.

So … is someone out there getting married? Anyone want a “research queen” as my husband sometimes calls me? Anyone?

Hmm. What to do, what to do?

Oh … and check out the new blog entry by Katy.

Side Note:
I did get to see a short video of Kelsey & Dan walking down the aisle. The major note mistake occurred right before they began the walk. Sound-wise it’s not great, but the wind was fairly strong, it was outdoors and hot … I didn’t think it would sound like a concert hall. I do believe I would highly recommend not playing oboe outdoors for one’s own daughter’s wedding. Just so you know. 😉

Well, yes, a new chandelier would brighten my day, but this … well … this is the sweetest couple ever and seeing this picture makes me very happy! Photo by the most fabulous wedding photographer ever. 🙂

Another great picture by Katy!

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