The symphony orchestra in the 21st century has become something of a dinosaur, and dinosaurs cannot be saved from extinction by external intervention. Orchestras are extremely expensive to maintain, and the present-day public is simply not going to support them monetarily.

I believe that the solution for both audience and musicians lies in, horrid as the term may sound, downsizing. A string quintet plus a woodwind quintet and a pianist/harpsichordist, augmented as necessary by one to four professional singers, is able to deliver thousands of works ranging from the early 17th century to the most outré modern compositions.

I read it here.

I have no words for this writer. Aside from “Get the heck outa music, please.”


  1. How absolutely horrid. Horrible suggestion. Nothing will ever take the place of a really great symphony that consistently plays great, satisfying music. I much prefer a symphony to a string quartet (my personal preference, I realize), and they are not interchangeable.

  2. What’s really weird is reading who it was written by … someone who says he’s an Associate of the Royal College of Music (London).

    Ah well.