I have been a subscriber to the National Symphony Orchestra for more than 10 years, and I’ve been going to many other performances at the Kennedy Center ever since coming to Washington 44 years ago. But I am not going to renew our NSO subscription this year.

So what would cause you to stop attending symphony concerts? Huh? Do tell!

Answer here.


  1. Hi, Patty. Coincidentally, I wrote a column on this very subject for this coming Thursday’s edition of my alt weekly, but my reasons for abandonment are far more conventional. I’ll be posting a link at my blog, which is finally back after five months! The new URL is http://blogs.azpm.org/b/cue-sheet/


  2. This sounds like a pretty flimsy excuse to stop attending concerts after 44 years. I bet there are other reasons.

    I wonder if there might be something wrong with the Kennedy Center’s ventilation system? It seems strange that more people cough in that venue than others around Washington.

  3. Nice to see you’re back in business, James!

    And yes, Cameron, it does seem like a flimsy excuse, doesn’t it? Probably just tipped the scales is all. My guess, anyway.