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There’s a link from Arts Journal to the article by David Bratman over at San Francisco Classical Voice. And it’s about Symphony Silicon Valley. It’s not a “they are perfect” article (but then we aren’t perfect, so that’s no surprise), and it doesn’t include anything about a wacky blogger who whines about her reeds, but it’s a good read. Which is not quite so good as a good reed, but it’ll do for the summer, since I’m entirely unemployed when it comes to playing. (Oh and we actually are doing another video game concert on August 23 — my first job back — actually), and it will be my third — for some — the 4th) as we have done others. Just an FYI. 🙂

Meanwhile, I sit here pondering what to do and how to deal with a summer of no music, aside from private students, many of whom are canceling out on me much of the time. What is it with these kiddos … do they think they are allowed to have vacations? Can you imagine? I did suggest that the family going to Greece really needed an oboe teacher with them. I also suggested to one student that she needed oboe lessons while on her trip to Europe. I am having trouble understanding why no one agreed with me.

But things to do … things to do …

Oh. Yeah.

Yard. Work. Paint. Bedroom. Clean. Closets. And … drum roll. REEDS.

Yeah. I have plenty to do. I just don’t feel like doing any of these things. And shouldn’t I go with my feelings?


  1. What’s a video game concert?

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  3. Thanks for the link to the David Bratman article about SSV, which was excellent reading! He wrote very comprehensively about San Jose’s premier musical organization.