07. July 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

… whatever normal means!

I had four students today. Tomorrow I have five. Wednesday there’s only one, but there are three on the calendar. (Vacations, you know?) So life is starting to feel more like it did before the wedding, minus performing and “universitying”. “Normal” is great for a number of reasons. I love teaching. I love my students! The post-wedding blues weren’t fun and this distracts me. I feel more vital when I’m teaching.

And of course I have a bit of income coming in. (Sure could use that “stimulus check” which has still not arrived here.)

It’s also good to have students who are encouraging and fun to work with after having to resign from SCU. That was a bit of a sad thing last week, and I am still struggling a bit with how that all happened.

Teaching today wasn’t entirely perfect; it was 90 degrees, and we don’t have air conditioning. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 96. We still won’t have air conditioning. Wouldn’t you know? Playing oboe makes us get warmer than we would be if we weren’t playing. I have a fan aimed directly at my students and I hope that’s helping, but I do feel for them as they work so hard for lessons.


  1. I guess you won’t have A/C on Thursday either? 🙂

  2. What? I’m the only one on Wednesday this week? I guess I’d better practice…

    We’re not even getting a stimulus check (apparently we have huge piles of money already lying around the house somewhere, but we’ve lost track of them – believe it or not, this was something of a surprise to us).

  3. Wow … no stimulus check? Ouch. Of course our stimulus check is already gone … to … drum roll … our 2007 taxes! Go figure.

    And yes, tomorrow is you alone. So if you want to come earlier and avoid the middle of a hot day just say the word (I don’t know if that works for you what with you being a working person and all…?)