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I read the following:

3. Then introduce the really popular classical music: the chase scenes from the William Tell Overture come to mind (not the beginning piccolo foolishness), along with many of the other pieces in this collection.

So I had to go listen to the Overture again … where is the piccolo part this writer is talking about? Part 1 is the celli, yes? Part 2 is the storm. Is that what he or she is referring to? (What a kick that the umbrellas come out at just the appropriate time, eh?)

Part 3 is, of course, the English horn part. With a dash of flute thrown in for fun. 😉

(I prefer the “other note” for the EH solo, but I’m guessing I’m in the minority there.)

And the final portion is what the writer calls the chase scenes and I’d call the Lone Ranger part.

There sure are a lot of young looking players. Or maybe I’m just older. (Naw. Couldn’t be!) And the baton seems so far ahead of the players. Maybe it’s just something in the video, but the players seem to be timed correctly, so I dunno.

But I’m still wondering what piccolo part the writer is referring to. Maybe he or she will fill me in since I’ve linked to the entry. We’ll see! 🙂

And for fun …

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