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The news is not just that in Prokofiev’s first draft — shelved soon after he composed it in 1935 and recently rediscovered — the lovers defy their fate and escape Verona together. It’s this: Overthink a thing and you can smother it.

I’m not talking about the music, which as performed by the American Symphony Orchestra was edgier, spikier and more emotionally piercing than the later state-approved version. It’s as if the conventional treatment has been cleaned and refreshed; much (not all) of the booming is gone and quite a lot of the amplified gushing — these are all improvex ments. There’s a distinctly bracing quality to this “new-old” score.

Wow. He made it a happy ending? Bizarre.

But … what are “improvex ments” anyway? 😉

I’m guessing if you click on the link it may, by this time, be corrected. We can hope.

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