10. July 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

I can now get email via my mail program … I just can’t retrieve it at the .mac site. So all’s almost well.

If anyone tries to email me, please know that .mac has been down for far too long and I might not be able to retrieve email for a while. (You can always try oboe [at] planetmitchell [dot] com.)

This sure doesn’t give me any idea of when things will be restored. I read the word “soon” when I checked at a bit before 7:00 this morning. It’s now 8:53. To me “soon” should have already happened. I’ve never had to whine about .mac before, and I had changed all my students over to using that email address because the planet wasn’t always reliable back when were were hosting the server right here at home. Now it appears that the planet may be the better choice. Maybe I should drop the .mac address after all. I wonder.

Okay, I suppose I have better things to do than whine about this, eh? I’ve just been hired to play Don Giovanni (two performances, August 1 and 3) so perhaps reed making should be part of my day. Email can, I suppose, wait.


  1. I swear, this blog makes it sound like you spend about 70% of your life reed making. Is that about right? 🙂

  2. Patti, not that it makes it any better, but… today, apple launched their new “mobile.me” service, which includes upgraded and additional features. .Mac, and all .Mac users, are getting rolled into it. So, I’d assume that’s the reason for your reliability issues today… one would hope after the big launch you’ll have smoother sailing, should you choose to… good luck!

    Meanwhile, I hope you have some wonderful reeds… which is to say, I should probably do the same!!

  3. Ah … thanks for the info! I knew about the new service, but didn’t know that it would affect the .mac stuff. Now my emails are coming in, although I haven’t been able to access .mac online. Whew … gotta have my email! 🙂