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Scott has once again compiled his Technorati rankings and you can see them here. He’ll post google ratings later. I’m #24. I gained 1 point in my “authority ranking” whatever that means to any of you.

July 2008 for me reads this way:

24 Oboeinsight: 59 [+1] Patty Mitchell (oboe)

It’s all stuff that doesn’t make any difference in blogging, really, but it’s interesting to see where I am. I was curious about Hugh’s incredibly high ranking and when I went to a site that always links to him I was taken here. Now I don’t have a clue what that site is about, but it does love Hugh’s name! (Does anyone know what that is?)

Anyway, I guess I’m just steady. And perhaps I’m consistent. These are, perhaps, another way of saying I’m … well … boring?

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I was just reading a blog that included this sentence:

The symphony performed another of Copland’s works, Fanfare for the Common Man, as well as Morton Gould’s American Salute, Gioachino Rossini’s William Tell Overture, and John Williams’ Summon the Heroes.

Trouble is, I read the last bit as “John Williams’ Summon the Herpes”.

Bad eyes? Bad brain? Or am I just plain weird?

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Pequeño documental sobre el oboe, or “small documentary on the oboe”. And that’s about it for me when it comes to translating this … unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish. I still found the documentary interesting, especially when we get to Antonio Faus demonstrating the instrument. (He doesn’t use the half hole for the middle C# & D if I’m seeing things correctly. I recall seeing someone doing that in another video as well.)

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… to my But … but … but post …

a director could never say “I don’t like the oboe.”

Who would play when someone died? What about that heart breaking, gut wrenching moment? Huh? Huh?

Okay. I guess comedies can do without oboe. But not much else.

Now, “I don’t like the oboe player,” … that’s a different story all together. 😉

And yes … yes indeed … I am the Queen of the Ellipses. (Even if used inappropriately.)

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Deceptively Simple has a blog entry about the this article by Martin Bernheimer. In the article Mr. Bernheimer has some things to do about bloggers. The quote we all love to paste in our own blogs is this:

On the web, anyone can impersonate an expert. Anyone can blog. Credentials don’t count. All views are equal. Some sort of criticism may survive the American media revolution, but professional criticism may not.

Mr. Geelhoed says he agrees.

But what has this got to do with me? Heh. Okay, I’m a blogger. I blog about classical music. So I guess I could take some blame. But i don’t critique concerts, and I consider this blog to mainly be a “day in the life” sort of thing. I’m just sharing the wacky musician’s life — or at least this wacky musician’s life — and I post things that interest me. (Maybe that’s why I get only near 200 hits a day rather than the tons some folks get, eh?)

Hmmm. Too much rambling here and not going anywhere … so where was I … where was I (name that show) …

Ah yes, Deceptively Simple’s blog entry … and criticism … and critics losing influence …

Mostly, though, I was surprised to be mentioned at Deceptively Simple, as I didn’t know I was on his radar. And maybe I’m not … it’s just that this happened when he did a search:

Technorati A little better, with a link to Oboe Insight listed first.
Google blogsearch
(Above: a typical blogger)

Hey … that’s me! I’m a typical blogger.

Oh. Wait. I was feeling special until just now.

Okay, I’m kidding. Really.

I still feel special. 😉

As a little side note from someone who really doesn’t know much (and, in fact, typed “from someone who really don’t know much” first … heh), I think the internet has really hit the newspaper industry hard, and I think critics have been hit hard because of that. I won’t take the blame for ruining their careers. (But hey, they can ruin ours! 😉

By the way, I’m no longer #1 on Technorati if you search on Prokofiev either. (If I ever really was. Maybe I’m not understanding the way that Mr. Geelhoed did.) So whatever.

Oh … but to Mr. B. … I don’t believe all views are equal. I just don’t.