13. July 2008 · Comments Off on Music Dream · Categories: Ramble

I had a dream last night that included all sorts of yucky things that I won’t write about. But one bizarre one was that I had a huge English horn solo … but I had to play it while sitting on the floor. That’s rather impossible to do, unless you hold the EH up high, which is what I tried to do.

The good news was that at the first big rehearsal I thought I’d forgotten my music so I had to skip the solo. A colleague (and French hornist) played it instead. On English horn. (Gee, I didn’t know BZ played EH too!) I was quite willing to have her take it for the performance as well, but the conductor said I had to play it. Oh well. We never did get to the concert.

Why we were sitting on the ground is beyond me.

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