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I’m watching — listening too! — to the third act of the Met’s Tristan & Isolde. I wonder about the problems with the sound glitches during the English horn solo. Hmmm. Were they there at the live broadcast as well, or is this a recording glitch? (It doesn’t sound like the EH player is having a problem, but that something is awry with the technologically — some sort of glitch in the recording.) I’m assuming the English hornist was Pedro Diaz. He sounded great to these ears.

(I heard and saw San Francisco’s performance live and in person and Janet Archibald was stunning in that performance. … I just have to mention a local, fabulous player who also happens to be a wonderful person!)

Anyway, I don’t like the breaking the picture into 6 different boxes so we can see six different things on stage. Probably just my problem, eh?

And seeing a recorder like instrument carried around and miming playing while hearing an English horn doesn’t do it for me. I know it’s frequently done, but it bugs this double reed player.

Again, probably just my problem.

I was hoping to find the EH section on YouTube, but didn’t locate that. This is all I found, so it will have to do:

(I can’t even watch/listen yet, as the opera isn’t over on the tube yet … and I’d better get back to it.)

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