15. July 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Links, Ramble

I went here and plugged in a couple of cities for today’s date and on.

San Francisco: 179 concerts listed through December of 2008
San Jose: 1 concert listed through December of 2008 (and it was San Francisco Symphony at Flint Center)

Something seems slightly awry. Most “classical” music seems to come to end in San Jose, come mid-June (aside from a visit from SFS tomorrow for a free concert in the park). But we do have concerts beginning again in September. Really.

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  1. Hiya,
    I run the site you mention, bachtrack.com which was launched in the UK in January and we’re just about to launch in the USA. The site is run entirely by me and David. From September I’m going to be speaking to orchestras to tell them about the site, and try to get those whose events aren’t in, to input them. It’s free to list – though without a weblink to a booking page. We need to spread the word and get the marketing departments to view us as a useful tool to promote their events. So when you’re one end of the country, or Atlantic, you can find out what’s on at the other and book to see it. So I realise you have loads of concerts in San Jose, but I can’t put them in myself. Anyone registered can put in concerts though, and we’d love them to do so. Alison