16. July 2008 · Comments Off on Those Romantic Pictures · Categories: Havin' Fun

There’s a picture I recently ran across of a woman sitting on the top of a lovely white baby grand piano. She is beautiful. She is blonde. She is in a romantic looking white blouse and perfectly fitted jeans. She has bare feet. They are very pretty too. Her feet are on the piano keys.

I have decided I want to take a picture of myself (Okay, I’m not beautiful like that woman, nor am I blonde. Deal.), sitting on top of my desk full of reed making tools (it looks sort of like this but in natural wood and not very neat inside). I will wear my plain white blouse (I don’t have a romantic one, sorry!) with my not-so-perfectly fitted jeans. I will paint my toenails (Up until The Wedding I had NEVER painted my toenails but now I think I’m enjoying this. My feet look better with color, I guess.). And I will put my oboe on the desk top below me. Then I will step on it.

Oh. Never. Mind.

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