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“This is not a communication device. It is simply programmed to make gestures,” says Leonard Slatkin, director of the orchestra. “If the musicians decide to go faster, there is nothing that the robot can do against that. Fortunately, I can keep my place!”

(Read here.)

I had avoided writing about this conducting robot. But oh well. Now I’ve gone and done it. Too bad, eh?

But really … I guess we could really do the robot in by rushing. We could leave the poor guy in the dust.

Truly an emotional performance, don’t you think? I mean … the expression on the maestro’s face really choked me up. 😉

I do think, though, that ASIMO should have gone with formal wear.

Okay, sarcasm and wit aside, ASIMO reasons to use a robot than a live conductor.

Tee hee. Aren’t I punny?

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