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Musicians in the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra have signed individual contracts for about a quarter of what full-time players had been receiving after the union had rejected the symphony’s final offer.

The musicians have signed individual contracts for a minimum of $3,123 rather than the $12,693 salary that the 24 musicians were getting.


Shreveport Symphony Orchestrahas a lot of things for us to read at their site … my guess is it’s to convince people that they have to reduce pay for the orchestra members. I don’t see their upcoming schedule, so I’m curious about the salary reduction; have they cut a corresponding number of services (rehearsals or performances) to go along with the huge pay cut. According to the “about the orchestra” page:

Presenting more than 200 concerts each season, over half of which are free educational events, the orchestra presents live symphonic music performed with excellence thereby fulfilling its mission“…to enhance the cultural life of the communities it serves by providing high-quality artistic performances and diverse educational opportunities.”

I can’t imagine these players are doing 200 concerts any more. If they ever did. Last year they did eight concerts on their “Master Series” and three special events. Not a lot of work. I wonder if they do more?

Side Note: They list four oboists. in their orchestra. That’s a large oboe section for such a part time group. Wow. (There are only two of us in SSV.)

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