22. July 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Quotes

And I love practising. I thought it would be very tedious to do things like scales, but you have to do them to free yourself up. I’m enjoying it and, at the same time, when I’m not actually playing, I’ll listen to recordings of the pieces that I’m playing and I just get so much more out of them. It’s a nice thing to do in the evenings.

-Oliver Sacks


  1. I prefer performing to rehearsing and rehearsing to practicing – no matter what instrument, maybe because I’m insecure or something. Oh, and gratuitous muppet link:

  2. (Oh, I should warn folks, they do start rushing part way through – before the more obvious rushing at the end, so if that kind of thing bugs you try to ignore it – it gets better when you can no longer hear the metronome, just don’t look at it.

    Not that it bugs me or anything, I’ve always had that tic…)