23. July 2008 · 6 comments · Categories: Ramble

This morning, as you read this, I am in rehearsal for Don Giovanni*. I’m assuming this first rehearsal is orchestra only. But I can’t tell you. Because of course I’m at the rehearsal. You are not. And I don’t have my computer with me, so even if they have wireless access (which they just might — I hear that is now in some orchestra’s contracts) I can’t blog about it. Besides, don’t you think blogging during a rehearsal is a wee bit tacky … and grounds for dismissal? I’m guessing so. I’ll just have to fill you in later!

And yes, I will be back home this afternoon to teach. 🙂

Speaking of Don G, and thinking of Levine, enjoy the overture:

(I like the not too slow tempo at the beginning … I’m used to it being a little slower. This is nice!)

*You might think I’m always blogging in real time … that I sit at my computer all day long to post these rambles of mine. Well. Not so. 🙂


  1. It is more okay for me to blog at work than for you to blog at work? 🙂

  2. Well, it’s probably more possible!! It’s very difficult to type while one’s hands are necessary for the oboe. 😉

  3. Extended rests. 🙂

    Just make sure your keyboard is not too noisy.

    Is that worse than reading a book? 🙂

  4. Actually I do have a lot of tacets. (Those are numbers — arias — I don’t play.) But I think typing would be frowned upon, and book reading is a whole lot quieter. Besides, the computer would be so darn obvious. Go figure.

    (I actually rarely read, though. I usually sit and listen. I kind of like the music!)


  5. “Tacet”!! That’s the word I couldn’t remember! I tried to Google for it (“tacit” didn’t quite work 🙂 ), but couldn’t come up with it.

    Well of course you can’t tap away at a laptop! But you could surreptitiously type away at a Blackberry. 🙂

    I kid, I kid. It’s like I’m encouraging you to be a naughty kid in class. 🙂

  6. Yeah … and somehow I think if I told them it was all your fault I’d still be to blame. Go figure. 😉

    (And I have no Blackberry. So there you go.)