23. July 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: Links, Quotes

I tell my students to work as fast as possible on their reeds. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to tell a bad reed from a good one. Everyone looks for a gimmick to help make good reeds, but I just make an awful lot of them and keep plenty on hand.

-John Mack

I read it here. This was a 1997 article. Do you think the woman now makes perfect oboe reeds every time?


  1. Being a flutist, I never had to contend with reed-making. But I have similar feelings about tuning up. The people who need 20 minutes to tune will simply never get there.

  2. 20 minutes? I hope they’re playing the piano…

    I think the IDRS should look for a wealthy patron willing to invest in research into making better reeds – something durable, like carbon fiber, maybe using recycled materials (always a plus) and adjustable to suit the individual.

    Would someone in the Seattle area please get Bill Gates’ kids into playing the oboe? Thanks.

  3. Bill, I’ve never had to deal with slow tuning from the winds, but I sure have had to deal with it with strings. Sometimes I think I should just take a nap as they tune … I’d have time.

    Tim, you KNOW how I feel about the perfect reed; if someone makes it, I’d gladly pay a LOT for it! I realize you’re a software sort of guy, but c’mon … surely you can do it? Pretty please?