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In a concert hall, an audience member making a ruckus can be an annoyance.

When the commotion comes from a white and black Shih Tzu ensconced on the couch, it’s more cute than irritating.

Still, the sound of paw cleaning was enough of a distraction at a recent private concert by members of Mercury Baroque that Ellen Sanborn had to ask Trey the dog to knock it off. But by then, they had a relationship.

“That precious dog started the concert on my lap,” Sanborn said.

And it’s all about the relationships.

At least that was the point of a recent gathering of about 15 at the Houston home of Mike and Donna Boyd for the 40-minute concert of two violins, harpsichord and viola da gamba. The performance was a chance for the Boyds to introduce the group to potential new audience members while offering an evening to remember.

I love this idea … bringing chamber music into homes. It just seems like a wonderful way to make music more personal.

I only did something like this once, and it was a while ago now. I played with a violinist and harpsichordist and I just loved doing it. The people who came were so appreciative, and it was so great to be able to talk to them before and after we played. It also is so much less stressful (or at least it was for me): when you first talk about what you are going to do and you are in an intimate setting it just seems to make things more relaxed. I continue to see some of the attendees at concerts here in town, and I feel a connection to them as I see them sitting in the balcony. I hope they feel the same way.

Anyway, I’d sure love to do more of this sort of thing.

I read about it here.

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