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Let’s dump “elistist” as a label for classical music

Okay. Will do. 😉

(Never heard that word before, but whatever.)

Update … oh rats, he fixed the typo. I kind of liked it. 😉

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It’s only classical music but I like it – even if I am still in the dark about orchestral manoeuvres

I have a confession to make – before last week I had never been to a classical music concert in my life. I know, it’s shameful. Of course, I have been to those often-painful school concerts when your beloved progeny try to squeeze a familiar tune out of a tortured instrument, the parents scrabbling for the programme in pursuit of hopeful recognition of the aurally unrecognisable.

Want to know what the concert goer thought? Go here. (Scroll down a bit.)

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Despite the palpable eloquence of the soloist, Nicholas Daniel, his tone was like a bat squeak from the next county until one ear’s adjusted. It was a relief when the orchestra — the BBC Symphony, of course — and its chief conductor, Jiri Belohlavek, returned to the opulence of Strauss.


I read it here.

Here’s how Mr. Daniel plays:

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This week my office has been hosting an international conference of double reed players (oboes and bassoons). Well let’s just say that in a few hours I will be a very happy camper when this conference concludes. The majority of the people who are attending this conference are not members of the LDS Church and are experiencing a little bit of a shock when it comes to the complete lack of coffee and alcohol on BYU’s campus. One of my absolute favorite moments of the week came when a woman approached me at the information desk and asked me about coffee (mind you this was half way through the week when she was already aware of the lack of coffee on campus). Here is the conversation that followed:

Newcomer to Campus: “Now please tell me where I can get some coffee on campus.”
Me: “There is no coffee available on campus but you can get it at most off campus resturaunts.”
Newcomer to Campus: “I already heard that, really though there must be something on campus.”
Me: “I’m sorry but there really is nothing on campus.”
Newcomer to Campus: “You are a student, there must be an underground coffee ring put on by the student’s. Please, just tell me where to find it.”
Me: “No, I can gurantee that there is not an underground coffee ring on campus.”
Newcomer to Campus: Walked away dissapointed

I read it here.