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If so, you obviously need this:

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I don’t really understand how all the rankings work, but of course I wasn’t moving up a whole lot over at Scott’s site. Now I’ve visited Sounds & Fury and, lo and behold, I’m moving up in the world.

I think what this means is, as always, I’m utterly confused. Or confusing. Or … oh dear … I really don’t know!

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I wouldn’t waste your money on what to me is a book replete with longwinded and clearly self-serving nonsense from the woodwind section, the seeming case of a blowhard flautist flouting the facts, and of a piccolo player with what might well be the first recorded, severe case of Oboe Envy.

Ouch! The guy who wrote that review certainly doesn’t care for Donald Peck, author of The Right Place, the Right Time!: Tales of Chicago Symphony Days.

I suspect there is a reason for his hostility, but I’m not going to go into that here. I do guess Mr. Peck left some things out of his book. Still, I might want to read it sometime. Our local library reopens on August 23, so I’ll probably wait until then and see if they can get it for me.

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It would be such great fun to get to play on stage and have Bryn Terfel singing over my shoulder! (I’m not sure I’d like the food coming out of his mouth part, but he isn’t right next to the oboes then. Whew!) Wearing tails would be a kick too.

There are ways to make it into a review. And there are ways not to make it into a review. This one is the latter:

For want of a trombone, the plan of battle was lost. For want of a plan, the concerto was all but lost.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all at Tanglewood, along comes a missing second trombonist. When a summer substitute didn’t arrive for the start of Friday night’s all-Brahms program, the Boston Symphony Orchestra resorted to triage, flipping the order of the two works. The orchestra was cleared from the stage, the Steinway wheeled in, the soloist marched on. The trombone-less Piano Concerto No. 1 preceded the three-trombone Symphony No. 3.

At least no name was given, but you can bet folks are talking about it, and the name will get out there.

When a musician doesn’t show to a gig I mostly worry that something horrible has happened. (Well, except with a few musicians who are notorious for late arrivals.) Most of us are just so careful about time, and would never arrive late to a job. So no shows tend to mean something bad in my mind.

According to the review the trombonist arrived later. I wonder if it’s the last gig that player will get at Tanglewood.