You can see the Sun’s opera offer here.

That’s one hot picture! (I’d put it here, but that would get me in trouble. And I don’t like trouble.)

But wait … there’s more! Hot pictures plus an “easy-to-understand guide” … check it out.

And since I can’t put up anything of “my” production, here’s a clip of someone else’s “La ci darem la mano” (at a slower tempo than I prefer, but what do I know?) and “Ah! fuggi il traditor!”.

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  1. Ok, am I the only one who thinks the long-haired guy with no shirt looks like he’s burping? In the second link above, I mean. Looks almost like a frat party. Oh wait, it’s lacking the obligatory Abercrombie and Fitch(TM) clothing, never mind (although if you were to stick a keg somewhere in there…)