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… men in tights are cool. I like men in tights.”


  1. Um…I can fix that.

    Really, I can. Please let’s not start a trend, thanks.

  2. Me? “My man” used to be an avid cyclist. I saw tights all the time. Now our younger son has taken over the cycling … and tights. Wouldn’t ya know?

    I find men in suits much more cool. I know men don’t like ’em, for the most part, but to me they are cool … or maybe I should say hot? I just love the look. (Sorry, men.)

  3. I look really amazing in a tux (standard notch or peak lapel with pleated shirt and cummerbund) and similarly good in a suit; I’m just saying that me in tights is an unfavorable thing, and not just because of that cape-snagging incident in Philly…

  4. “We’re men -manly men!- we’re men it tights. We roam around the forest looking for fights…”