Update: Yes, I really did type “FrutePrayer” first. Sigh. That’s how tired I am. It is now corrected.

FlutePrayerwrites about a cell phone talker. Sitting in the front row of her outdoor concert. Check it out! Then she includes the video I’ve posted below.

Indeed, that’s what we’d ALL like to do when someone talks on a cell phone at a concert.

And yes, I’ve even seen this happen at indoor concerts. I don’t understand why anyone would leave a cell phone on at a concert. My assumption is that people attending a concert have come to listen to the concert, not carry on a conversation with someone not there. Maybe I’m just an idiot, though.


  1. Thanks. It is a relief knowing that someone else finds this behavior annoying as well.

  2. I’m really not only puzzled, but entirely annoyed by someone like that. But then I was annoyed at the postal worker who was helping me with packages … she was on her phone the entire time! Surely folks at work shouldn’t be on their phones?!

    Oh … wait … I’ve seen musicians text messaging while at rehearsals. And I heard of one doing that at a concert!


  3. erin fuguestate

    Hahaha. This is at Covent Garden market in London.

    Someone’s phone rang less than a minute into The Rite of Spring at the big reopening gala concert at Royal Festival Hall and the conductor stopped and started it again, making that poor bassoon player do the solo again! That’s just not fair…

  4. Oooh … poor bassoonist. The only thing good about it is it sort of — at least it works that way for me — takes pressure off when something stupid like that happens. My brain kind of goes, “Well, whatever then ….”