The Opera Tattler has done her tattling on Don Giovanni, so check it out.

Because I’m playing the production, because I’m a sub, because I don’t tattle on myself in certain cases (and this is one of ’em), because I don’t tattle on colleagues, I will refrain from saying anything here about whether I agree with TOT or not. Readers already know, of course, that I was frustrated with pitch issues. That much I’ll readily admit.

It was fun — although brief and I was exhausted so conversation on my side was probably a yawn or at least bizarre — to meet Charlise Tiee, who is the Opera Tattler! Thanks for taking the time to come down and introduce yourself, Charlise!

It was absolutely roasting in the “pit” (not really a pit, as we are just in front of the first, unused row of seats and not lower. This means, of course, that we are frequently told we need to hush up a bit!) last night. When it gets tremendously hot the veins in my hands nearly pop out … and they were huge. It’s the telltale sign that I’m boiling. That doesn’t help pitch, of course. Winds go sharp, strings, so I’ve been told, go flat. And we can’t really hear the strings, wouldn’t you know? It’s as if we have two different orchestras in that hall. I love the intimacy of it, but not the separation of winds and strings. Too bad they never go down to San Jose’s Montgomery Theatre, since all classical music in San Jose disappears come summer. (Years ago, when I played Barber of Seville with Merola, we performed at Montalvo. That was quite lovely, although outdoor concerts have their issues.) Montgomery has nearly a “real”, albeit small, pit. And, besides, it would be a seven minute drive! I’m selfish that way. 😉

In any case, one more opera to go, and maybe the hall will be a little cooler. One can hope. And at least it’s a matinee, so I won’t be getting home close to 1:00 in the morning.


  1. I read the Opera tattler’s article which said that there were pitch problems in the horn. Who was playing?

    I would imagine that the heat adversely affected everyone in the pit.

  2. It was great to meet you too! 🙂

  3. Sorry I was so out of it, though; that was one warm hall and I was pretty darn tired. Sunday was much, much better. Whew!