03. August 2008 · Comments Off on Rainn Wilson On Fresh Air · Categories: Other People's Words

(Why do I always want to spell “Air” like “Aire”? Hmmm.)

TERRY GROSS: I happen to know you play bassoon.


TERRY GROSS: Which is great, it’s a great instrument, a lot of people don’t even know what it sounds like.

RAINN WILSON: Sounds a little like this [makes bassoon sound]….I think.

TERRY GROSS: It’s a hard instrument to play.

RAINN WILSON: It’s very hard, it’s a double reed. It’s also a ‘girl repellent.’

TERRY GROSS: [laughs uproariously]

RAINN WILSON: So all you aspiring bassoonists out there, thrown down the bassoon and pick up the electric guitar.

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