Woodwinds of the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra were excellent — particularly in the Adagio. For instance, the oboe was so inoffensive in its sound, the man may find himself kicked out of the Oboists’ Guild.

I actually found the whole review a bit on the odd side, but I’m sure this offensive oboist is in error. Anyone else think it a bit … um … different?

And the conductor, a young 21, “looks about 12”. Well. Okay.

I read it here.

Found over at the OC (Opera Chic):

The Hamilton City Council has deemed its latest scheme to reduce alcohol-related crime in the CBD as a resounding success.

Nightclubs are playing classical music like Mozart and Andy Williams around closing time as a way of dispersing the crowds.

Inner city streets have also been closed as a way of preventing cars hitting pedestrians.

Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock says the behaviour has improved greatly since the trial started.

Yes, indeed. Sometimes I’m yearning for a little classical music and I think to myself, “Mozart or Andy Williams? Mozart or Andy Williams? Mozart or Andy Williams??” It’s a tough call and I never know who will win.

You can read it too.


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As announced at the RDG Woodwinds site, Robert D. Gilbert died on August 2.

Mr. Gilbert is responsible for my owning a lovely Rigoutaut English horn. In my freshman year of college my very horrendous EH was stolen from my dorm room and Mr. Gilbert sent me a Rigotaut saying he had the perfect instrument for me. I’ve had it ever since. And I love it.

Here is an RDG interview, with Nora Post.

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He found the browser and went to ArkivMusic.com. “I love this. Isn’t this great? Couldn’t you just sit and do this all day? I’m looking for ‘Ultimate Chopin.’ What could be more worthy than that? Ah! The complete collection of Rachmaninoff. Complete recordings!” His face darkened and a little swearing ensued. “This is Dutoit with the Montreal! What is the problem? You lying . . . ! Ultimate collection. Well, we don’t see Ashkenazy.” This went on for a while then a phone rang. “Can’t you see I’m listening to Chopin?” he said, in a put-on accent. “I can’t be bothered with this. . . .”

And who is this, you ask?

Hmm. Alex Baldwin. Who’da thunk it? 🙂

I read it here.

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It’s two artists for every one athlete according to this article:

For every Olympic athlete performing in Beijing, there will be two artists.

As the Olympians of 200 nations aim for glory over the next two weeks, China has invited some 20,000 artists from more than 80 countries to put on 300 shows as part of the summer’s festivities, according to the Ministry of Culture.

Heading the bill are the so-called Divas in Beijing –opera sopranos Renee Fleming, Sumi Jo and Angela Gheorghiu, who will sing at the new National Center for the Performing Arts, the egg- shaped theater built in time for the games. The Royal Danish Ballet will indulge in some Scottish dancing. The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra will team up with a Beijing children’s choir to blast out a medley of old favorites for world peace.

“This would be a chance for China to assert its cultural might,” said Beijing-based Guan Yi, who owns one of China’s biggest collections of contemporary art.

I have never had a visitor from China, if my site meter is correct.

I read it here.

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When in doubt in Brahms, keep the tone going. You’re up against all those string players who don’t like you.

-John Mack