Found over at the OC (Opera Chic):

The Hamilton City Council has deemed its latest scheme to reduce alcohol-related crime in the CBD as a resounding success.

Nightclubs are playing classical music like Mozart and Andy Williams around closing time as a way of dispersing the crowds.

Inner city streets have also been closed as a way of preventing cars hitting pedestrians.

Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock says the behaviour has improved greatly since the trial started.

Yes, indeed. Sometimes I’m yearning for a little classical music and I think to myself, “Mozart or Andy Williams? Mozart or Andy Williams? Mozart or Andy Williams??” It’s a tough call and I never know who will win.

You can read it too.


  1. Blasphemy!!! How dare you even speak of Mozart in the same sentence as the great Andy Williams???

  2. Ah, I hang my head in shame. I know, I know, I am a very bad oboist. Oh … wait … I mean I”m a bad person. I hope I’m a good oboist.