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He found the browser and went to ArkivMusic.com. “I love this. Isn’t this great? Couldn’t you just sit and do this all day? I’m looking for ‘Ultimate Chopin.’ What could be more worthy than that? Ah! The complete collection of Rachmaninoff. Complete recordings!” His face darkened and a little swearing ensued. “This is Dutoit with the Montreal! What is the problem? You lying . . . ! Ultimate collection. Well, we don’t see Ashkenazy.” This went on for a while then a phone rang. “Can’t you see I’m listening to Chopin?” he said, in a put-on accent. “I can’t be bothered with this. . . .”

And who is this, you ask?

Hmm. Alex Baldwin. Who’da thunk it? 🙂

I read it here.

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