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I guess someone liked us:

Wedow conducted with consistency and power. I don’t know how the orchestra can play at all, inches from the singers’ feet, sitting right next to the first row of the audience — but play they did, well and true, without once overwhelming the singers or the small hall.

This is the review by Janos Gereben. More was written … but isn’t it really all about the orchestra when it comes to opera?

Or not.

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Or sometimes they don’t. I guess they bark less if you play classical music.

Are dogs happy when they bark, or are they upset? Or is it a “both” kind of thing? I don’t have a dog ….

DOGS BARK less when listening to classical music than when there is silence or rock music, an international conference held in Dublin heard yesterday.

I read it here.

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Albrecht Mayer is discussing his recording “In Venice”, with a bit of playing as well.

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If you listen to classical music for more then 20 minutes I promise your stress level will drop a ton. Try it out!

… but what if you don’t like classical music? Seems to me one’s stress level would then rise.

But what do I know?