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I don’t know what’s up with the pattyo, but I see that other sites our family has are not working also. I hope oboeinsight doesn’t suffer the same fate, as my husband is on vacation for a few more days and I haven’t a clue how to fix anything. It’s weird, because we no longer host these things ourselves.

In any case, if I disappear, that’s why. 🙁

Okay … I know I have lots of problems. So I’m not asking anyone to fill me in on the multitude of problems I have. Just one: I’m watching a video and I just can’t reconcile the maestro’s beat with the singing and playing. Is this just me? I really think it has to be, as they seem to be playing together with the singer. So why do I see the beat as so far off from what I’m hearing? I’m puzzled.

In any case, I would just love to do some more Mozart. After finishing up with Don G. I’m sort of lonely for Mozart. 🙂

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Looks like the opera production I just played for was filmed and will appear on a blog. I’ll be watching for that!

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The first thing you have to learn as a conductor is how to stand up straight. If you stood on a rock stage like that, people would throw pints of urine at you. Classical music is quite irksome, it emanates a sort of pomposity, but it’s one of the best things I have ever done, I’m loving it.

You don’t need to have been to a conservatoire to write pop songs, and it’s more expensive to train conductors than it is to train astronauts or fighter pilots, but there’s something about classical music. Yes, the classical-music fraternity are worse than Christians or Alcoholics Anonymous for wanting you to join, there’s a kind of desperation about it sometimes, but when you’re ready for it, it blows your mind.

-Alex James

I read it here, about the “Make Me a Maestro” reality show that I won’t get to see because it’s in Britain.

I hope those who auditioned didn’t use any vibrato in their batons: Norrington was a judge. Oh. Wait. That’s what the players do, eh?

Side Note: I see David Soul will be a contestant. You know? The guy on Starsky & Hutch. The singer of “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby” (and yet he’s been married four times. Hmm. Wonder who gave up.). I don’t know the other names. I wonder … should I? (Goldie, Katie Derham, Clive Anderson, Sue Perkins, Alex James, Jane Asher, Peter Snow, Bradley Walsh)