Okay … I know I have lots of problems. So I’m not asking anyone to fill me in on the multitude of problems I have. Just one: I’m watching a video and I just can’t reconcile the maestro’s beat with the singing and playing. Is this just me? I really think it has to be, as they seem to be playing together with the singer. So why do I see the beat as so far off from what I’m hearing? I’m puzzled.

In any case, I would just love to do some more Mozart. After finishing up with Don G. I’m sort of lonely for Mozart. 🙂


  1. The singer’s mouth is not going with the sound either, so the audio isn’t aligned with the video. I can’t watch and listen at the same time. I prefer to listen anyways.

  2. I guess I wasn’t watching properly; I really thought the singer was with the sound. Go figure. Must be my very bad eyes! Or maybe I’m a bad musician.

    Uh-oh! 🙁