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I’ve not heard this piece before. Where have I been, eh? The English hornist plays what I call “side saddle” which I used to do when I wore a dress or skirt. I now only wear pants when playing English horn. I did notice that she plays to the side with oboe as well, so it must be the way she prefers to play.

I rarely comment here on someone’s performance. I figure I’ll leave that to critics. 🙂

In any case, I sometimes wish I knew some string players who would like to do chamber music.

Too bad about the abrupt cut off.

And here’s a movement of the Krommer Oboe Quartet No. 1

Finally, the third movement of the Malcolm Arnold Quartet

There was a moment with the pyrotechnics — there’s a flash when Phantom disappears, and a spark from the explosion went and landed in the hair of the oboist. She was uninjured, but there was some damage to her hair, which the hair department took care of. They’re experts in that field.

I had heard this story. Frightening, eh?

Life in the pit can be quite dull, but then again, moments like these might make one wish again for dullness. Ya think?

I read the story here.

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BQOD = blogger quote of the day
MQOD = music quote of the day
QOD = Hmmm. if you can’t figure that one out just never you mind. 😉

And yes, they all could be one and the same, but I label them the way I see fit. Because this is my own little blog space. Please know that when I post these I’m not saying I agree with them. Much of the time, in fact, I disagree. But they do get people thinking, eh?

I don’t usually link to the blogger’s page, although I will if it’s a person with whom I’ve communicated. If it’s something completely outrageous I definitely don’t link; I don’t want the blogger to receive any hateful comments or anything. I’m nice that way. Not that a reader of this little blog would ever send a hateful comment. Right? 🙂

But I just thought I’d fill you in, in case you are thinking I agree with every single thing I quote here. You’ll just have to guess my opinion of each one. (Although I think it’s usually pretty obvious.)

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NEVER, During an English Horn Solo!

To the guy who was siting diagonally across from me: I don’t know what you could’ve possibly found in the program that was more enthralling than the actual performance going on in front of you, nor do I care, but please do not keep noisily flipping your pages during a sonata where there are only two instruments playing. If you want to do this in Davies Symphony Hall, which seats thousands, during a loud Tchaikovsky passage, when the horns are braying away, no one will notice, and I won’t care (so long as you don’t do this during an English horn solo).

Of course some people don’t know the diff between English horn and French horn. Sad, but true.

I read it here.

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This article talks about the operas that have come from movies. I didn’t realize A Wedding had been turned into an opera. Or if I did I’d forgotten. (I’d prefer to think I didn’t know … I hate when my memory fails me.)

Has anyone taken an opera and turned it into a movie? I’m not talking about a opera on film, but a spoken word movie. You know? Or are the plots simply too crazy to make that happen?

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I’ve tried to broaden people’s musical horizons, and break senseless musical prejudices— Why can’t people who listen to classical music listen to rock?

-Edgar Winter

Found here.