10. August 2008 · Comments Off on BQOD & MQOD · Categories: Ramble

BQOD = blogger quote of the day
MQOD = music quote of the day
QOD = Hmmm. if you can’t figure that one out just never you mind. 😉

And yes, they all could be one and the same, but I label them the way I see fit. Because this is my own little blog space. Please know that when I post these I’m not saying I agree with them. Much of the time, in fact, I disagree. But they do get people thinking, eh?

I don’t usually link to the blogger’s page, although I will if it’s a person with whom I’ve communicated. If it’s something completely outrageous I definitely don’t link; I don’t want the blogger to receive any hateful comments or anything. I’m nice that way. Not that a reader of this little blog would ever send a hateful comment. Right? 🙂

But I just thought I’d fill you in, in case you are thinking I agree with every single thing I quote here. You’ll just have to guess my opinion of each one. (Although I think it’s usually pretty obvious.)

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