15. August 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

As I sit here being lazy (as usual), checking email and various sites, my MacBook made a high pitched “ping” sound. Does anyone have a clue what that is about? I wasn’t doing anything with the computer at that point. The batter is at 72% so I’m fine there. I had the sound off so it wasn’t from a site.

So does anyone know what the heck that might be? I suppose folks at Apple would, but I don’t believe they frequent this blog. (Can you imagine?!)

The nice thing is that my ears heard it; I haven’t lost all the high frequencies, eh? Actually, I’m still hearing the 50 and under tone here, which is higher than the Apple ping. And the site also has a test that tells me my hearing is “as good as it gets” … confusing, since I can’t hear like an 18 year old and to me that would be as good as it gets. Sigh.

You can hear things that are of higher frequency than the Mosquito.

The highest frequency you can hear is: 18khz
Try the Teen Buzz and find out how old your ears realy are!

I do wonder who put together that site. Whoever it is can’t spell “really”. But I suppose hearing is more important than spelling. Maybe.


  1. I just got a macbook too, but even when I turn the sound on it makes no sounds at all. 🙁

    Only when I run audio or video does it prove to me that the soundcard is not missing or broken or otherwise somehow disabled.

    I like my computer and cell phone sounds. I am very attentive to them. Today my phone made a sound I had never heard before, and I have filed it under “the sound the phone will make now I have a Bluetooth if the Bluetooth is on and I receive a text message”. It’s different from my regular text message sound, but I’m too lazy to get out the phone manual to figure out how to sync up the two sounds.

    I am a strong believer in spelling. It helps me to read faster, which helps me to work faster, which helps me to go home on time after work, which helps me to have a social life sometimes and on occasion even sleep. It’s a big watershed. I recently got a text from a 40-ish man in my choir that said something like: “got msg tdy no jd wll b thr fri fr sr”. It took me 10 minutes of reading this message to realize that he was trying to tell me that he “got a message today: no jury duty, will be there [for mass] Friday for sure.”

    I fear for our youth as the importance we place on spelling and grammar declines. And I say this in fear that I have made a spelling or grammatical error in this comment.

    Have you read “Woe Is I?”

  2. If you just got it isn’t it under warranty? It should be. I’d take it in! It’s supposed to make a sound when you boot it. It makes noises when you make certain errors. Hmmm. So you don’t get that at all?

    My father was a middle school English teacher, so in some ways I’m incredibly picky. In others I’m not. Wouldn’t you know? As to your text message, I understood everything but the “jd”. I give my students a page assignment with “AMAP” written at the top sometimes. The text message sorts usually can figure out it means “As Much As Possible” because they are just clued in to that sort of thing.

    So Sara, how did you test? Better than I, I’m sure!

    (But no, I’ve not read “Woe is I” … perhaps someday. Time will tell.)

    Oh, and EVERY time I criticize spelling or grammar I make a mistake myself. I’ve gotten used to it.

  3. Well, I could hear them all, and they all bugged me. No pun intended. I got the same result as you. Surely there are more comprehensive hearing exams out there . . . I get the feeling this one isn’t very authoritative.

    Then again, we are frequent listeners of electronic music, so may be more “sound sensitive” than others. Who knows.