16. August 2008 · Comments Off on Coffee! · Categories: Ramble

Most musicians I know love coffee. I have my latté every morning, made with our own espresso machine. I usually have a second one in the afternoon. And when I have work, it’s likely I’ll want something right before a rehearsal.

I just read of a new coffee shop right near the California Theatre. Or so it appears. Very nice. The article also mentioned that Christopher Bengochea, recently of Opera San José, sang at the opening (which is why I was alerted to the article).

So yay for what looks to be a good coffee shop. (And yay for Mr. Bengochea too. I’ll be seeing and hearing him next week, as you can read here. Fun!)

And yes, sometimes I have to be careful about the coffee. It can really get to my nerves on occasion. But I can usually sense that and know when to skip it. I’m smart that way. Sometimes.

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