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You know how some oboists can be … so convinced you should only play a Loree Royal or some such thing. I wonder if saw players are the same way.

Mr. Weiss, who spent three decades as principal oboist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, plays a Stanley “handyman.”

Lucky guy doesn’t have to worry at all about reeds with a saw.

I read it here, and was so surprised to know this festival is nearby. I used to spend a week or two of my summer near the area, in fact.

“The thing is, when the electricity finally goes out once and for all, saw is what everybody is going to be listening to,” quips Thomas Spearance, a sawyer from Fort Bragg, Calif.

Well, you can hear oboes when the power goes out too. But why “once and for all” … are we eventually going to have to electricity. Forever? (And what’s with the abbreviation of California? I thought we only did the two letter abbreviation these days.)

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