17. August 2008 · Comments Off on Musicians Drive. A Lot. · Categories: Ramble

You all know that already. I have written about it a little. Jason Heath has written about it a lot. And I’d like to remind you that Drew McManus has a The Gig After Gas Online Calculater for us to use.

I am fortunate; I work close to home the majority of the time. But a lot of my colleagues have to drive further. I noticed that the SSV parking lot was starting to look like a hybrid lot. It’ll be interesting to see if there are more this year. (I know there will be one more, as a friend said she is getting a Prius.) When we drive distances we usually commute. And now a lot of us also have hybrids.

Side Note: Yesterday I drove to my mother’s, a store, and then home again. As I pulled into the garage I was at 55 mpg. I’ve really changed my driving habits and it sure shows!

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