19. August 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: BQOD

as i was driving again on winchester road not more than 30 minutes ago (on the way back from seeing pineapple express, which turned out to be a good decision), i was listening to “the heart of rock & roll.” and i found there’s a line in the chorus that i’d never noticed before:

they say the heart of rock & roll is still beatin’
and from what i’ve seen i believe ’em
the oboe may be barely breathin’
but the heart of rock & roll
heart of rock & roll is still beatin’

immediately i though, “what the hell, huey lewis and the news? my indignation knows no bounds. the oboe is awesome. double reed, you charlatans. i think maybe i’ll write a song about how the oboe, as it happens, is alive and kickin’, but these days huey lewis is, to straight up steal a phrase, old news.”

but then i referred to my old friend, google. and the lyric, as it happens, is “the old boy may be barely breathin’.”

and i breathed a sigh of relief. i’m sorry i ever doubted you, huey. i still believe in the power of love.


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  1. Mondegreens: Gotta love ’em. My favorites (from a children’s book read several decades ago, apologies for not remembering the author, but I believe there were cats involved somehow, something about rare calicos which my veterinarian sister has since informed me have an extra y or x chromosome, depending, so they’re kind of like mutants, right? And how do people feel about long, drawn-out parenthetical ramblings, anyhow, I mean…oh, sorry, back on track…) Christmas songs: “Dig the holes with trowels by golly”, “Good King Wences’ car backed out, on a piece of Stephen” and there was another that I don’t remember, sorry. But I do recommend the books, if I could only remember the author’s name (heck, I’d be happy if I could remember what I had for lunch yesterday…did I eat lunch yesterday?).