I read the short story, and now I would love to see and hear the opera. But it’s doubtful, as I haven’t ever found the income to go to the Santa Fe Opera. Ah well.

As most readers here probably know, Terry Teachout is writing an opera. The libretto, that is. Paul Moravec is the composer. (Gee, Moravec’s a year younger than I! I seem to recall Teachout is close to the same age as I. I remember when nearly everyone was older. Usually a lot older. Not so any more. But then I landed my first symphony job when I was 18. I sort of got used to being the kid. I still feel like a kid. I suspect some think I act like a kid too.)

Santa Fe Opera will be doing The Letter in July, 2009. It would be grand to go. Sigh.

The short story is by W. Somerset Maugham. I have 65 Short Stories by WSM, and I was about to donate it to the library, even though I’d never bothered to read it. Silly me! Fortunately it was still in my pile of book donations, so I pulled it out and read The Letter. Yes, I can see how that could make an opera. But really, I think I like the story The Three Fat Women of Antibes and I really think it would make a marvelous opera!

I’m truly enjoying the book, and of course now I can’t possibly give it away. Wouldn’t you know?


  1. San Jose State University in San Jose, CA perfroms The Three Fat Women of Antibes May 9-12. Composed by Mona Lyn Reese, libretto, Thomas Hassing. Director; Daniel Helfgott, conductor and music director, Michel Singher.

    This opera is really, really funny.


  2. I normally don’t see ads in comments … and no one will see this since the blog entry is dated August 20! If you’d like, Mona, I can put an announcement as a blog entry, since this is a local event. SJSU us also my alma mater. And of course I know Daniel! 🙂

    AND … well gee, it’s the perfect story for an opera!