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This time with dancers too.

Bach, Goldberg Variations. By memory. I love it. 🙂

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“Of course I didn’t mean her to fall and, I know it’s an awful thing to say, but the first thing I thought was, ‘Thank God she’s out.'”

and then …

Ms Kushner denied touching the manager. She said Ms Fischer repeatedly told her in a high- pitched voice to go away.

“She was on her hands and knees and looking up to the sky, and saying, ‘I beg you’,” she said.

“I wasn’t angry, I was incredulous. It was bizarre.”

During the hearing, both women performed dramatic and shrill impersonations of each other at the witness stand.

Who knows where the truth is, but what a strange story.

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She loves Cool Whip. Well, we love her. So there you go. 🙂

Irene Dalis: General director, Opera San Jose, and closet sitcom fan.

Dalis is best known for her illustrious 20-season career with New York’s Metropolitan Opera. After leaving it, she returned to her home town and founded Opera San Jose in 1984. But she’s no diva. Once the curtain goes down, she reaches for the remote.

“I love ‘As Time Goes By’ with Judy Dench,” she says “That’s a secret pleasure for me. I don’t even know exactly why I like it so much, except that is has Dench, and she could gargle, and I’d love it.”

Bonus pleasure: frozen Cool Whip. “My foodie friends would not be pleased, but whenever I need a little lift, maybe every three months or so, I eat an entire tub of frozen Cool Whip. It’s soothing, it’s cold, and I love it.”

I read it here and if you go there you’ll also read about Michael Tilson Thomas of San Francisco Symphony and … wait for it … Cheez-Its. Really.

Percy Grainger is best remembered as a pianist, but he made a significant contribution to the band repertoire.

I remember him best as a band composer. And a bit of an “odd fellow” when it comes to his … um … bedroom.

So am I crazy? Did everyone else think first, “Oh yeah, Percy Grainger … the pianist!” Say what?

But then the article goes on:

Australian-born American pianist/composer Percy Grainger first fell in love with band music while playing oboe and soprano saxophone in a United States Army band.

I didn’t know he played oboe, taught at NYU, and was an “American pianist/composer” either.

Where have I been? Say what?! I guess I’ll just keep learning things, even at this ripe old age!

Me? I was … let’s see … in 6th grade, I think. (I’m guessing many are now laughing hysterically, thinking, “I wasn’t even alive then, you Oldboe player, you!”)

Well, Domingo was singing at the Met. For the first time. As Maurizio in Cilea’s “Adriana Lecouvreur”.

And he’ll be returning to the role in February, 2009. Read about it.

I will not be returning to 6th grade in 2009. In case you were wondering. 😉