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She loves Cool Whip. Well, we love her. So there you go. 🙂

Irene Dalis: General director, Opera San Jose, and closet sitcom fan.

Dalis is best known for her illustrious 20-season career with New York’s Metropolitan Opera. After leaving it, she returned to her home town and founded Opera San Jose in 1984. But she’s no diva. Once the curtain goes down, she reaches for the remote.

“I love ‘As Time Goes By’ with Judy Dench,” she says “That’s a secret pleasure for me. I don’t even know exactly why I like it so much, except that is has Dench, and she could gargle, and I’d love it.”

Bonus pleasure: frozen Cool Whip. “My foodie friends would not be pleased, but whenever I need a little lift, maybe every three months or so, I eat an entire tub of frozen Cool Whip. It’s soothing, it’s cold, and I love it.”

I read it here and if you go there you’ll also read about Michael Tilson Thomas of San Francisco Symphony and … wait for it … Cheez-Its. Really.

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