Percy Grainger is best remembered as a pianist, but he made a significant contribution to the band repertoire.

I remember him best as a band composer. And a bit of an “odd fellow” when it comes to his … um … bedroom.

So am I crazy? Did everyone else think first, “Oh yeah, Percy Grainger … the pianist!” Say what?

But then the article goes on:

Australian-born American pianist/composer Percy Grainger first fell in love with band music while playing oboe and soprano saxophone in a United States Army band.

I didn’t know he played oboe, taught at NYU, and was an “American pianist/composer” either.

Where have I been? Say what?! I guess I’ll just keep learning things, even at this ripe old age!


  1. Percy Grainger = wind music with charming directions such as “nasally” and “to the fore”.

    I know he played piano and composed and I knew about sax but not oboe… I too think of band music before piano.

  2. I definitely think band music. I also think British.

  3. Me too – always reminded me of Holst somehow (the band stuff, anyway).