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I stretch a little more, and do some pirrhouettes, just to make sure I still can (I mean, I’ve been doing them for many years now, but there is always the irrational fear that once I step on stage, under that downward lighting, I will suddenly forget how to turn.

I read it here.

Ah yes, any performer can probably relate.

Me? I’m afraid I simply won’t remember how to finger a note, or I won’t know how to play at all any more. Or no sound will come out. Or or or …

Some of my fears aren’t irrational though; what with an oboe reed and all, you sometimes do have SoundFailure™, which is horribly frightening when it happens. (It’s really rare, of course. But just sometimes … sigh ….)

In an earlier entry she writes:

I am an actress on a first national tour. I love it, love it, love it. But somewhere along the line, it went from I have a show tonight to I am going to work tonight. Because make no mistake about it: it’s work. Work that is consuming, challenging, rewarding, and amazing–but utterly, work.

Yes. Indeed.

And yes, I’m blogging in between rehearsal and afternoon performance. It was so hot on the stage I decided I really needed to get home and have a very quick shower. I’ve had a bit of lunch, I’ll hop in the shower, and then I head on back. I’ll try to count the number of planes that fly over us this afternoon. We are right beneath them as they come in to the San Jose airport, wouldn’t ya know?

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I have a triple service day today. I have a rehearsal and concert with Symphony Silicon Valley (morning and afternoon) and then a 7:00 San Jose Chamber Orchestra concert. It’s a lot of playing, but nothing grueling on the concerts, so I’m not really concerned about anything but … drum roll … having enough time to get dinner!

Yes indeed, I can always find something to worry about.

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The Met Opera comes to the movies with a series of films starting with the release of Hansel and Gretel. The opera opened with a solo from the oboist- lips pursed, eyes bulging, sinewy neck, rivalling the most highly of strung turkeys. I was captivated from the outset.

-Catherine Pittams (read here)

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Arts Council Silicon Valley today announced that Irene Dalis, Founder and General Director of Opera San Jose, will receive A Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 Silicon Valley Arts & Business Awards (ABBYs) Luncheon on Friday, October 17, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara Hotel.

Full article

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The only thing worse that being told you have to wear a long sleeved white blouse or top for a concert when you don’t own one is being told, after you have purchased a long sleeved white top and removing the tags, that you don’t have to wear it after all.


It was so easy to send out the email with the instructions to wear the top. Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to tell us to nix that thought the minute the nixing was decided? I would have thought so. I guess they didn’t.