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Pre-concert talk: 2
Star Spangled Banner: if they flew over I didn’t notice — I was busy standing and playing English horn
Bernstein (On the Town, 3 Dance Episodes): 1
between pieces: 1
Mendelssohn (Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture): 1
Bizet (Suite No. 1 from Carmen): 4
between pieces: 1
Rossini (“Lone Ranger” part of you-know-what): 3
Beethoven (Symphony No. 5): 4
between pieces: 1
Sousa (Stars & Stripes): 1

Number of recorders heard … impossible to tell! But bright red recorders were handed out to kids before the concert and I wish I could have recorded the recorders for you. It was cute! (They were pretty quiet when we played, which was surprising.)

Guess who sponsored our concert? (Along with the Mercury News and KDFC) And guess who conducted the Rossini? 🙂

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1) Forgetting one’s music glasses and getting a headache in the first hour, attempting to read the music

2) Thinking you forgot your reading glasses, playing for an hour, getting a headache, and finding the reading glasses in your bag after all.


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Why would anyone name their headphones oboe?

I note, too, that they are unisex.

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When asked a while ago of his interests outside of music, he replied, “Butterflies.”

So does everyone know the answer already? Am I out of it, once again? Do tell.

For the answer go here.