(Yes, this does have something — well, a small bit — to do with music.)

I’m just home from the Giants game. (They lost. Sigh.) It was Jewish Heritage Night (no, I’m not Jewish, but they did let me in) so on occasion they played parts of the film of Fiddler on the Roof. At one point they got to the Russian men singing, when they congratulate Tevye on his daughter’s engagement (part of the “To Life” tune, about 3:00 in on the clip below). I couldn’t help but wonder how that went over with anyone who is Jewish; these are the people who later in the movie kick all the Jews out of Anatevka. Seemed like an odd choice to include that music. Later on in the game they played the same clip. I thought the bottle portion of the number at the wedding would have been better, but no one asked me!

Maybe I’m overly sensitive …??


  1. I’ve only done the show a couple of times, but I remember thinking how that scene showed that people could get along despite their differences, especially given the wariness displayed by both sides initially. Or maybe it’s a comment on alcohol, don’t know. That said, having done the show both before and after having a child, I found it to be a very different experience, somehow. Possibly because my oldest is a girl, don’t know, but the scene where he gives up on his youngest daughter pretty much nearly makes me cry anymore. Not, you know, that I actually cry or anything, being as macho as I am and all, but nearly almost, kinda.

  2. Yes, it does show the “getting along despite differences” thing … it’s just that, knowing the rest of the story, it carries that baggage for me.

    And yes, the “On the other hand…” scene with the third daughter is a weeping moment, to be sure.

    And I don’t have to be macho! 🙂